Thermal Solutions has designed the high-efficiency copper-finned condensing Evolution® to meet the needs of today's commercial heating requirements. The Evolution EVCA design takes the very best of existing technology to the next level by incorporating a secondary heat exchanger. The result is higher efficiency and greater reliability in your application.

The Evolution is now being featured as a fully condensing boiler. Ranges are 750,000 through 3,000,000 BTU/hr.


..Top Reasons why you should be thinking Thermal Solutions:

Efficiency - It's 97% to the latest DOE guidelines, the BTS2000. A true rating, AHRI certified, with no gimmicks lowering return water temperatures to boost numbers. Beware of what you read...

Reliability - Proven design with installed base approaching 7 years. Have you seen how long some of these other condensing products have been on the market? You won't be a "Product Test Case" with Thermal Solutions.

Flexible - Easily integrates into existing systems or new construction with primary/secondary or varying flow requirements.

Smart - NO WELDS in our boiler; our competition is littered with 100's of feet of leakage vulnerability.

Simple -We confine acidic condensate to a cleanable, repairable, and replaceable component. Our competition exposes their entire boiler to this caustic environment; any and all leaking issues are catastrophic to their boiler and not repairable with a replacement part.

Environmentally Friendly - Lowest standard NOx offering of any boiler in its class, with half the emissions of other products. No adders or alternative burners needed here.

Low Annual Maintenance - Can you change an air-filter? No need to remove the burner for cleaning.

Backed with Commitment - 10 Year Burner warranty, you will be hard pressed to find another with more than 2 years.

Sound too good to be true? Click on our product spotlight to learn more and see how Thermal Solutions delivers on both efficiency and longevity, an intersection that leaves other boilers idling at a red light.

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Item #

Input: BTUH

Output: BTUH



Shipping Weight

N/A 750,000 Btu/hr N/A 699,000 Btu/hr N/A 20.9 hp205 kW N/A Natural Gas Propane N/A 1498 Pound
N/A 1,000,000 Btu/hr N/A 939,000 Btu/hr N/A 28.1 hp275 kW N/A Natural Gas Propane N/A 1584 Pound
N/A 1,500,000 Btu/hr N/A 1,420,000 Btu/hr N/A 42.4 hp416 kW N/A Natural Gas Propane N/A 1805 Pound
N/A 2,000,000 Btu/hr N/A 1,900,000 Btu/hr N/A 56.8 hp557 kW N/A Natural Gas Propane N/A 2026 Pound
N/A 3,000,000 Btu/hr N/A 2,910,000 Btu/hr N/A 86.9 hp853 kW N/A Natural Gas Propane N/A 3354 Pound
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