• Feature-Rich Operating Control
  • Intelligent Multiple Boiler Staging
  • Building Management System Interface
  • Auxiliary Device Control
  • Rugged Heat Exchanger Design
  • Unmatched Fireside Heating Surface
  • Advanced Combustion
    <10 ppm Ultra-Low NOx Emissions
    <50 dBA Noise Levels
  • Maintenance-Free Burner
    10-Year Warranty
  • Up to 87% Efficiency
  • UL Certified Package
Thermal Solutions designed its Evolution high efficiency copper-fin tube water heater to meet the complexities of today's building systems. For nearly two decades, the Evolution water heater has been the industry benchmark for quality, reliability, and performance. Coupled with the Thermal Solutions Boiler Control (TSBC™), the Evolution is the most sophisticated and easily integrated boiler product available.

The Evolution takes copper-fin tube water heater technology to the next level by incorporating a list of unique design features. These include Rugged Heat Exchanger Design, Advanced Maintenance-Free Combustion, Feature-Rich Operating Control, and Ease of Installation and Service. The Evolution Water Heater truly is a step above the rest.

Rugged Heat Exchanger Design
Central to the Evolution Water Heater's design is its heat exchanger, which boasts twice as much heating surface than our competition. The rolled copper-fin tube, patented H/F True Fin, is extruded from a solid piece of copper that results in high quality and unsurpassed heat transfer. The gasket-less header design allows for easy inspection, cleaning, and individual tube replacement. Completely enclosed in a stainless steel compartment, the combustion chamber effectively handles short-term condensing periods (cold start) to protect the boiler. The Evolution heat exchanger has thicker tubes (0.072") and more robust heads than any other water heater product (compare the weights) that makes it very forgiving, more durable and built to last!

Advanced Maintenance-Free Combustion
The Evolution ceramic radiant burner never requires inspection or maintenance! Designed to operate with NOx emissions less than 10 ppm, the whisper quiet ceramic radiant burner (<50 dBA) runs at minimal excess air levels providing high efficient, trouble-free operation. The burner features a larger surface area and lower flux that allows for greater heat transfer and more uniform heating that extends the life of the copper tubes. A rugged cast-aluminum blower assembly, fitted with a replaceable combustion air filter that is 99% efficient to one micron, is used to keep the burner free of contaminants. A commercial-grade microprocessor based flame safeguard with LED diagnostic display, proven spark ignition, and a UV flame scanner complete the Evolution's unsurpassed combustion system for safety and reliability. The Evolution boiler can be operated with its jacket panels removed during inspection, avoiding the nuisance problems associated with pressurized compartments.

Feature-Rich Operating Control
Designed by boiler experts, as stand-alone or easily integrated into today's complex building management systems, the Thermal Solutions Boiler Control (TSBC) provides unparalleled design characteristics. Key features include advanced boiler modulation, intelligent multiple unit staging (peer-to-peer) by connecting an RJ11 telephone cable between water heaters for communication, outdoor air temperature reset, warm weather shutdown, domestic hot water priority and multiple auxiliary device control, making the TSBC the most advanced onboard water heater control in the industry.

Ease of Installation & Service
All rear connections and complete front and rear access to the unit's components allows for space saving side-by-side modular arrangements. The Evolution's flexible venting options include sealed or room air combustion, direct vent, or conventional venting for multiple unit common stack arrangements. Quick setup and low maintenance make the Evolution water heater an ideal choice for either retrofit or new construction projects.
Unit of Measure


Input: BTUH

N/A 750,000 Btu/hr

Output: BTUH

N/A 615,000 Btu/hr


Dimensional Drawing for Evolution - High Efficiency Water Heaters

Dimension AA

N/A 31.0 in

Dimension BB

N/A 8.8 in

Dimension CC

N/A 15.4 in

Dimension DD

N/A 11.8 in

Dimension EE

N/A 16.0 in

Dimension FF

N/A 9.3 in

Dimension GG

N/A 6.3 in

Dimension HH

N/A 3.5 in

Dimension II

N/A 21.8 in

Dimension JJ

N/A 23.6 in

Dimension KK

N/A 23.6 in

Dimension LL

N/A 4.4 in

Dimension MM

N/A 19.0 in

Dimension NN

N/A 6.1 in

Dimension OO

N/A 13.9 in

Dimension PP

N/A 17.9 in

Dimension QQ

N/A 30.6 in

Dimension RR

N/A 9.6 in

Dimension SS

N/A 2.3 in

Dimension TT

N/A 7.0 in

Shipping Weight

N/A 1172 Pound

Boiler Ratings

MBH Input

N/A 750 MBtu/hour

MBH Gross Output

N/A 615 MBtu/hour



N/A 60.9 in


N/A 28.3 in


N/A 30.3 in

Rear Connections

Dimension A

N/A 4.0 in

Dimension B

N/A 1/4 in

Dimension C

N/A 3.0 in

Dimension D

N/A 6.0 in

Dimension E

N/A 5/8 in

Dimension F

N/A 1.0 in

Dimension G

N/A 1.0 in

Dimension H

N/A 3.0 in

Dimension I

N/A 3/4 in

Ratings & Capacities


N/A Natural Gas Propane

Input - High Fire

N/A 750,000 Btu/hr

Output - High Fire

N/A 615,000 Btu/hr


N/A 180 kW

Inlet Gas Pressure (NG)

N/A 5 PSI Max. 7" W.C. Min.

Inlet Gas Pressure (LP)

N/A 2 PSI Max. 7" W.C. Min.

Operating Weight

N/A 1305 lb592 kg

Electrical Supply Options

Electrical Supply Options

N/A 120v/1ph/60hz - 7.5 Amps 208v/1ph/60hz - 6.6 Amps 208v/3ph/60hz - 6.0 Amps 230v/1ph/60hz - 6.4 Amps 230v/3ph/60hz - 6.0 Amps 460v/3ph/60hz - 3.0 Amps

ASME Design Data

ASME Design Data

N/A Max. 160 PSIG & 250ºF

Trim & Controls

Trim & Controls

N/A Blower Motor, 1-1/2 HP Combustion Air Switch Flame Safeguard High Temperature Limit High/Low Gas Press Switches LWCO (OPTIONAL) LWCO Flow Switch Modulating Gas Valve Operating Control Pilot Gas Regulator Pilot Gas Valve Pilot/Leak Test Cocks Pressure & Temperature Gauge Relief Valve Thermal Solutions Boiler Control (TSBC) VFD

Double Block & Bleed (D.B.& B.) Gas Train Option

Double Block & Bleed (D.B.& B.) Gas Train Option

N/A (1) Motorized & (1) Solenoid Gas Valve N.O. Vent Valve

D.B.& B. W/ P.O.C. Gas Train Option

IRI W/ P.O.C. Gas Train Option

N/A (2) Motorized Gas Valves with proof of closure switches Flame Safeguard that recognizes proof of closure valves N.O. Vent Valve

Standard Equipment

N/A Pressure Vessel Design
Copper Fin-Tube Construction
Bronze Header Design
Gasketless Heat Exchanger
ASME Section IV Certified, "H" Stamp (HLW Stamp optional)
MAWP 160 PSIG & Max Temp 250ºF
Five Year Heat Exchanger Warranty
Twenty Year Thermal Shock Warranty

Combustion Design
Ceramic Radiant Burner, Non-Corroding
Maintenance-Free Burner Design
Ultra-Low NOx Emissions (to <10 ppm)
Whisper Quiet Operation (<50 dBA)
Combustion Air Filter, 99% Efficient
Industrial Cast-Aluminum Blower Assembly
Variable Frequency Drive
Electric Spark-to-Pilot Ignition System
Ten Year Burner Warranty

Water Heater Equipment
Thermal Solutions Boiler Control (24 Vac)
High Limit w/Manual Reset Safety Temperature Control
Water Flow Switch
Low Water Cut-Off w/Manual Reset Safety Controller
Inlet & Outlet Temperature Sensors
Combustion Air Switch
Blocked Filter Switch
Pressure & Temperature Gauge
Safety Relief Valve (Available Settings 30 to 150 PSI)
Single-Point Electrical Supply (Available in 1 or 3 phase)

Burner Equipment
UL/FM/CSD-1 Gas Train
Full Modulation with Infinite Proportional Firing
Natural or LP Gas
Inlet gas pressure available from 4" wc to 5 psig
Pilot Gas Valve
Pilot Gas Regulator
Pilot/Leak Test Cocks
Modulating Gas Valve
Low & High Gas Pressure Switches w/Manual Reset

Sealed or Room Air Combustion (Cat IV)
Direct Vent (sidewall or vertical) up to 50ft (Cat. IV)
Conventional (Cat. II)

TSBC Control Key Features
Advanced Water Heater Modulation
Intelligent Multiple Unit Staging (8 Water Heaters)
Building Management System Interface
Outdoor Air Temperature Reset
Remote System Temperature
Warm Weather Shutdown
Domestic Hot Water Priority
Auxiliary Device Control
- Mixing Valve
- Water Heater Pump
- System Pump(s)
- Combustion Air Damper or Inducer
0-10 VDC Input



  • Efficiencies up to 87%
  • Ultra-low NOx levels below 10 ppm; meets or exceeds the most stringent emission requirements in the United States
  • CO less than 50 ppm
  • Quiet operation (<50 dBA)
  • Maintenance-free ceramic radiant burner design
  • Gasketless header design; minimizes the potential for leaks
  • High quality copper-finned tubes extruded from solid copper piping; wall thickness is the best in the industry at 0.072"
  • Copper tubes are individually accessible for cleaning or inspection and replaceable to eliminate the need for whole heat exchanger replacement
  • Standard UL/FM/CSD-1 gas train; optional DB&B or IRI with POC gas train
  • Single-point electrical hook-up for all voltage options (120-208-230/1/60 and 208-230-480/3/60)
  • Multiple relief valve settings (30, 50, 60, 75, 100, 125 and 150 psig)
  • Gas pressures range from 4" wc up to 5 psig
  • Infinitely proportional firing
  • Electric spark-to-pilot-ignition system
  • Aluminum non-sparking fan assembly
  • VFD air control; no dampers or linkages
  • Thermal Solutions Boiler Control (TSBC) offers advanced control features in a complete water heater monitoring and automation system
  • Inlet air filter 99% efficient to 1 micron
  • Non-proprietary parts
  • Jacket design lends itself to complete access to all components for easy serviceability
  • Quick-connect compact package; maximum footprint is 6 sq/ft
  • Sealed combustion or room air ready
  • Reduced stack sizes - multiple venting options: sealed, direct and conventional
  • Factory fire-test on every unit



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