The Arctic Condensing Boilers use flexible watertubes that have long been the workhorse of the boiler industry, naturally flexing and moving with expansion & contraction that occurs in heating. These tubes are unrivaled at absorbing and transferring the intense heat of today’s burners into water and distributed as heat. Thermal Solutions uses no welds in mechanically sealing tubes to header and provides a lifetime warranty on this seal. With no welds, the Arctic permits field access for tube replacement making it the only field repairable heat exchanger in the condensing market. The Arctic is available fully packaged, or if required, knockdown for ease of onsite maneuvering and assembly, another industry first!

  • 95% Thermal Efficiency
  • 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000 MBH
  • Lifetime Shockproof Seal
  • Knockdown or Fully Packaged
  • Field Repairable Heat Exchanger
  • Weld-Free Tube To Header Design For Increased Reliability
  • Variable Primary or Primary/Secondary Piping
  • 100°F Delta-T With Minimum Flows
  • Concert Boiler Control with 7" Color Touchscreen Display
  • Designed and Made in the U.S.A.

Ratings & Capacities

Input: BTUH

N/A 3,000,000 Btu/hr

Output: BTUH

N/A 2,850,000 Btu/hr


N/A 85.1 bhp


N/A Natural Gas

Inlet Gas Pressure (NG)

N/A 14" W.C. Max. 4" W.C. Min.



ETL, {H} Listed

ASME Design Data

ASME Design Data

N/A Max. 160 PSIG & 210ºF

Electrical Supply Options

Electrical Supply Options

N/A 208-240v/1ph/60hz - 8.3 Amps 208-240v/3ph/60hz - 9.5 Amps 480v/3ph/60hz - 6.6 Amps

Ratings and Dimensional Data

MBH Input

N/A 3000 MBtu/hour

MBH Gross Output

N/A 2850 MBtu/hour

Net Ratings, Water MBH

N/A 2478 MBtu/hour

Thermal Efficiency

N/A 95 %

Shipping Weight

N/A 3060 Pound